3 Signs Your Motorcycle Needs Maintenance

No motorcyclist wants to wind up stuck on the side of the road. Fortunately, you can reduce the risk of a major breakdown by simply investing in maintenance today. To extend the lifespan of a motorcycle and ride safely, keep your eyes peeled for these three signs of a problem.

Take Motorcycles in for Repairs if You Notice the Following

1. Rough Idling

If you've experienced rough idling or a lacklustre throttle response on the road, your motorcycle needs an inspection. Damaged or improperly connected spark plugs, fuel mixture issues, or air filter problems may be to blame. A professional will need to replace or repair malfunctioning parts so you can ride smoothly again.

2. Sticky or Spongy Brakes

For the sake of your safety, never ignore braking issues. If you notice that brakes don't seem to function consistently or evenly, dirty or worn brake pads or brake fluid issues may be to blame. Those that stick when you press on them or make screeching noises could also signal a similar issue.

3. High Fuel Consumption

If your motorcycle suddenly seems to be consuming more fuel than usual in similar driving conditions, various issues may be to blame. First, check your tire pressure and condition. If they're in optimal condition, enlist a professional to assess your engine: low-quality engine oil or carburettor deficiencies may be to blame. Save money and protect your ride by addressing the issue as soon as possible.

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