Top 5 Most Common Motorcycle Repairs

Motorcycles represent many things to many people, including the freedom of the open road. If you are new to this world of two wheels, you will spend as much time learning about your bike as you do riding it. Educating yourself about the most common motorcycle repairs not only makes identifying and fixing problems fast and easy, but it also helps keep you safe.

Motorcycle Repairs Owners Run Into Often

1. Dead Battery

Motorcycle batteries die quickly if the chopper is not used for a minimum of five hours a week. Stash plenty of batteries with your motorcycle accessories and ride often to keep the system functioning properly.

2. Clutch Issues

Your ride's clutch is susceptible to a number of issues, including breaks or bends if you drop your motorcycle or have an accident. The lever is useless if the clutch cable becomes worn, broken, or frayed. Your clutch can also burn out if it's relied on heavily. Lubricating this part and leaving it somewhat loose can solve these problems assuming a replacement is not needed.

3. Worn Tires

Worn and flat tires remain a leading reason for bike breakdowns, so inspect the tread often and add air whenever necessary. This issue is just as dangerous for motorcycles as it is for cars and trucks, if not more so.

4. Electrical Problems

Modern bikes feature computerized elements that can cause electrical failures if they are compromised. Electrical problems require professional motorcycle repairs; however, you can still disconnect the battery to avoid electrical damage and potential injuries.

5. Contaminated Fuel

Fuel left stagnant in your tank for too long can become contaminated and clog your system. Introducing fuel stabilizer can resolve this. If you plan to put your bike away during the cold months, drain the fuel tank as part of your winterization efforts.

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