Choosing the right Motorcycle

So you've decided to buy a motorcycle and hit the open road. Before you do, you should consider the number of different bike options out there.

Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes and offer different advantages or disadvantages based on things like how, when, and why you want to ride and your level of experience.

Before you buy: Experience Level

Your experience level is one of the biggest factors to have in mind when determining which type of bike you should purchase. More experienced riders may feel comfortable on a broader range of motorcycles or have developed a particular preference over time.

If you're new to riding, however, you may want to stick to a bike that is or has:

It's also a good idea to always ride within your skill level, rather than trying to compete with more experienced motorcyclists. Pick a bike that will allow you to best do that.

Types of Motorcycles

While there is no universal agreement on how many types of motorcycles there are—or which factors should be used to differentiate the bikes, some more than others feature a vast spread of engine capacities within some of these categories, choosing to exclude trikes for now:

Finding the “right" motorcycle means finding the right motorcycle for you, so make sure to consider the unique features of each option before deciding which bike to buy.

Street Bikes

When it comes to “street" bikes, it's all in the name. These motorcycles were designed specifically to be ridden on a street; more specifically, a paved road.

While there are a variety of body types in this umbrella category, street bikes typically have:

Choosing your Perfect Bike

Once you've made the decision to purchase a motorcycle, you can apply the above criteria to make sure you walk away with the bike of your dreams.

To review in short:

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